Popcorn More Expensive? Don’t Blame Us!

In Corny News, Food Prices, Media by Ken

Just in time for more summer blockbusters, several stories are appearing about how cinemas are charging more for popcorn. Advertising Age had the best factoid on this in its story: “… the price of the paper pulp to produce popcorn tubs has jumped 40% in the past 36 months, making the tub more expensive than the corn inside it.” ShareEmailPrint

Flakey Price

In Corny News by Cindy

Talk about your food price inflation - this past week a single corn flake sold for $1350. I am not making this up - the Associated Press reported it, so it must be true. Now, no one has yet blamed this on ethanol, but the flake was shaped like the state of Illinois, so it is possible that could be …

Corny News

In Corny News by Chuck

I don’t know about you but I Google for just about everything. Sure there are other search engines but I can usually find what I’m looking for with the G monster. So I thought it might be interesting to do a little search for some news about corn. Besides us, who else is posting corn info? This might become a …