Corn-Based Kitty Litter to Save the Planet?

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 A new kitty litter made from corn may not save the planet but it does present an educational opportunity. Corn is a versatile product used in thousands of products every day and the list keeps growing. The evolution from livestock feed to human food, to a growing list of industrial uses (ala corn kitty litter) is a natural one based …

Yellow Tail Turns Tail After Farmers Assault

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 As a general rule guns and alcohol don’t mix well. But when it comes to the colorful and often entertaining world wide web simplicity and entertainment value can help you hit the bullseye, especially with the rapidly expanding audience for social media like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. A perfect example of this approach and the power of Social Media for …

Branded Corn Flakes

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Kellogg’s is stepping up the fight against fake flakes. The company’s UK division has announced the development of “a hi-tech method to stamp out imitation cereals - by branding Corn Flakes with the company logo.” According to a press release, Kellogg’s plans to do a trial run of the branded flakes, presumably in Europe, to test the system. Bosses will …

Corn Maze Craze

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Fall is the time when people go crazy for corn mazes, which get bigger and more elaborate every year. This year, the media has taken a liking to the “Family Guy” TV show corn maze created by Massachusetts farmer Bob Connors, who reportedly received permission from the Fox network to use the characters from the program. He has invited Seth …

Corn Interns Mix Laughs and Learning

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Summer is rapidly coming to an end and with the return of school those useful and amusing temporary employees called interns are also heading back to college. If you want to educate yourself about corn, or in some cases just laugh at their spin on all things corn, you can enjoy some of the fruits of their summer labor by …

Sprint Introduces Corn Phone…Now That’s a Smart Phone!

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This morning Sprint CEO Dan Hesse announced the August 16th release of the Samsung Reclaim™. Speaking with the media from the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum in New York City where the Nature Conservancy’s Design for a Living World exhibit is on display, Hesse introduced the new device – a messaging phone that offers environmentally conscious consumers a perfect blend of …

Professionally Cut Corn Mazes

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Here’s a profession you won’t find too many people doing - cutting corn mazes. has a great story about a man who now travels around the country in season making great looking mazes. Farmers turn to professionals to cut corn mazes ShareEmailPrint

Ring in Spring With a Corn Dog

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March 20 is the first day of Spring and National Agriculture Day - but the next day is even more important. March 21 is “National Corndog Day.” I kid you not. According to a press release, “National Corndog Day is held on the first Saturday of March Madness each year and marks the start of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.” …

Phelps Flakes to Feed Hungry

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The fall-out from Olympic gold-medalist Michael Phelps’ marijuana use is resulting in a windfall of corn flakes for food banks in California. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that a local food bank recently received two tons of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and Frosted Flakes with Phelps on the box after the cereal company decided not to renew the champion swimmer’s endorsement …