Dr. Oz, Again? Can Someone Hand Me the Remote

In Biotechnology, Food, Media by Cathryn

Let’s get one thing straight from the get go. Dr. Oz is a professional celebrity who hawks his opinions for money. Whether fear-mongering or shilling for “magic pills,” he makes exaggerated, even unsubstantiated claims to get attention. Attention turns into ratings. Ratings turn into money. There is one reliable way to stop his bogus claims. Turn off your television. Tell …

Food Babe’s Science Is as Fluffy as Her Marabou Slippers

In Activism, Food, Media by Cathryn

From suburban dog parks to Park Avenue, people are buzzing about the Food Babe. Using crazy videos filmed in low-cut workout clothes, she has garnered quite a bit of attention seemingly overnight. Television being a visual medium, talk shows book the petite brunette with the telegenic face. She is getting more attention than counterparts whose credentials outshine their smiles. All …

It’s Time to Speak Up!

In Activism, Farming, Food, Guest Blogger, State Groups by Cathryn

Today, Corn Commentary shares a post from CommonGround Wisconsin volunteer Kim Bremmer. To find more posts on a wide variety of subjects authored by CommonGround volunteers, click here. It’s Time to Speak Up! One of my favorite ways to start the day is at the counter of my favorite coffee place, ordering a grande triple shot caramel macchiato and a …

Quick and Easy Corn on the Cob

In Food, Video by Cindy

Sweet corn is a summer treat, but few people will go to the trouble of cooking corn on the cob for just themselves. This YouTube video showing a fast and easy way to make corn on the cob for one has gone viral this summer. I can’t wait to try it! ShareEmailPrint

Let’s Move! Science Backs GMOs

In Administration, Biotechnology, Current News, Environmental, Food, Politics by Cathryn

Whether one is a fan of the White House’s Let’s Move! initiative or not, it almost inarguably plays a large role in our nation’s discussions on food. Today, Let’s Move! Executive Director and White House Senior Advisor on Nutrition Policy Sam Kass made a major statement about the future of food during the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives conference backing …

The More You Know

In Biotechnology, Environmental, Farming, Food, Food Prices, Media, Production by Cathryn

Remember the PSA’s that used to run with a tagline of “The More You Know?” They provided a helpful little piece of info on a broad array of subject? Today, Real Clear Science writer Ross Pomeroy offered up a succinct PSA of his own correcting misconceptions about organic and conventional agriculture with scientific information. So what is the 15-second sound …

Women Finding “Common Ground” Through Food and Talk

In Activism, Food, Guest Blogger by Cathryn

Today, Corn Commentary features a guest post from CommonGround Minnesota volunteer and social media maven Wanda Patsche. In her post, Patsche offers links to common questions CommonGround volunteers hear and offers the inside scoop on the group’s recent dinner event. Women Finding “Common Ground” Through Food and Talk What happens when 24 urban women join 5 farm women and cook …

What Do They Know that We Don’t?

In Biotechnology, Food, Politics by Cathryn

Working in agriculture, you see a lot of research detailing consumers’ biggest questions about the foods that they eat and how farmers grow them. The same concerns come up over and over. If you are a communicator, you look for ways to break through the noise with real, honest answers. I worry about what I eat like anyone else. I …

White House on Climate Change and Farmers

In Administration, Audio, Environmental, Farming, Food, General by Cindy

Agriculture is a big part of the new White House climate change assessment report out this week. “Corn producers in Iowa, oyster growers in Washington state and maple syrup producers in Vermont are all observing climate-related changes that are outside of recent experience,” the report states. Immediately after the report was released on Tuesday, the administrator of the Environmental Protection …