Corn Commentary

Katy in Meat Candyland

Pop singer Katy Perry may be marrying a vegetarian, but she reportedly wants to sing the praises of meat wearing a bacon bikini on her next CD that she wants to smell like sausage.

Since I am still stuck in the 70s when it comes to music, I somehow missed this little tidbit when it came out in the music trades earlier this month. And I had to do a little research to find out just who this little Pop Tart was exactly, since I had heard her name but was not familiar with her classic tunes, like “I Kissed a Girl” and the more recent “California Gurls” (did she forget how to spell girl after she kissed one?)

While she has made her career so far singing about fruits and sweets and dressing up in food-themed costumes, like cupcake bras, she apparently wants to get a little more meaty next time. I just wonder why the singer appears to have suffered no backlash from groups like PETA since this story came out August 1. Maybe they ignored it because she’s engaged to English comedian Russell Brand, who is a vegetarian, and either that cancels it out or they hope he will convert her. Or maybe PETA is just too busy monkeying around with Dodge to be disturbed!